About us

“Dainty, elegant looking pet wear for your furbabies!”
— 🧡 —
Henlo Fam!
Welcome to our BOOPY world! 
Envisioned and created by Founder Kim MolinaBOOPY PET  is a pet brand designed to fit your playful taste in pet fashion. Together with the all-out support of partner Jerald Napoles, this is how our main FURmily see their own FURloves - Sabrina, Unan, and Itlog. 🐾
We look forward to welcoming you and your furbaby to our growing Boopy fam! Share our vision and follow us on our official social media accounts! 
Team BOOPY 🧡
Meet our Boopy babies!
🌸 Sabrina - Ms. Kim Molina’s OG! An 8 year old island born Toy Poodle. Our founder’s first furbaby. 
🌼 Unan (@unan.boopy) - Kim and Jerald’s first furbaby as a couple. A Korean import Mini Bichon Frise born July 1, 2020. Boopy Pet’s “furboss”.
🥚 Itlog (@itlog.boopy) - the “bunso” of our founding furmily. A Korean import Teacup Bichon Frise born July 15, 2021.